The AANL young scientists are working on the modernization of the newly opened museum-experimentarium. Hazaravard Ghumaryan and Davit Martiryan applied for the "100 Ideas for Armenia" grant competition announced by the RA MօESCS, and the awarded funding was used for the purchase of scientific equipment. The equipment is donated to the AANL laboratory.This year the AANL scientists have again applied for the "100 Ideas for Armenia" competition to acquire state-of-the-art Raspberry Pi equipment.This will revolutionize research and experiment capabilities providing flexibility, versatility and power, all in one technology.
The young scientists are currently working on the project called "School on Wheels". If the project succeeds, they will purchase a tour vehicle and take equipment to border villages. The modernization of the AANL museum-experimentarium aims to boost the educational level of visitors thus making science more attractive.
Students and schoolchildren are regularly touring here to get an on-hand experience in scientific experiments in various fields of physics.

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