Matinyan center for theoretical physics

Theoretical physics has been and remains one of the most developed natural sciences in Armenia. During the Soviet years Division for Theoretical Physics of Yerevan Physics Institute was the center of theoretical physics in Armenia leaded by its founder and long-time head, professor Sergey Matinyan. And the Chair of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Physics of YSU, serves as a forge of theoretical physics and keeps preparing theorists in the field of physics. Thanks to the joint work of the Division for Theoretical Physics of Yerevan Physics and the Chair of Theoretical Physics of YSU Armenian physicists achieved a number of significant achievements in the field of theoretical physics in the 70-80s of the XX century.

Today AANL S. Matinyan Center for Theoretical Physics has a long tradition of fundamental research in the fields of physics of elementary particles, quantum field theory, quantum gravity and string theory, physics of condensed matter, statistical physics and in a number of other directions.

The Center conducts research also on interdisciplinary fields combining theoretical and mathematical physics, biophysics, creation and development of physical models in biology, material science and other fields.

The advanced research findings by the Center are widely recognized internationally. For many years, the researchers of the Center have been among 100 effective researchers of Armenia, and the members of the group of statistical physics of complex systems received the 2019 award of the President of Armenia.

S. Matinyan Center for Theoretical Physics enjoys rich international cooperative ties, among the most active ones are:



S. Matinyan Center for Theoretical Physics, together with relevant divisions of partner organizations, organizes annual international conferences and schools with participation of many researchers from all over the world.


Career and education opportunities

Students and young researchers can apply for a number of research and post-doctoral programs, including the "Regional Doctoral Program in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics" funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics) network exchange programs, they may participate in BLTP – joint activities with Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (JINR, Dubna), and carry out internationally competitive research at AANL and other top universities in the world.