On May 17th, the AANL hosts seminar on "History and geography of light pentaquark searches: challenges and pitfalls" by Professor Moskov Amaryan from Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia). 

In his talk, Prof. Amaryan reviews the history and geography of the pentaquark searches and discuses the current situation surrounding these searches that were performed at different facilities around the world. The possibility of the existence of multiquark states like tetraquarks and pentaquarks was already predicted by Gell-Mann-Mann (Phys Lett 8: 214, 1964) based on the Constituent Quark Model (CQM); however, more than half a century effort in a wide range of experiments led to a controversial situation, when the fate of the light quark pentaquarks is almost decided not to exist. This review is related to examine not the claims of the existence of light pentaquark, but rather of claims of its non-existence.

Prof. Amaryan has conducted a series of experimental research on the structure of nucleus at different accelerators in the world, including AANL, DESY (Germany) and CEBAF (JLAB, USA).