Center for cosmology and astrophysics

AANL Cosmology and Astrophysics Center conducts research dedicated to non-linear effects in cosmology, large-scale composition of the universe, chaotic dynamics of gravitational systems, study of the behavior of dynamic systems, data processing with machine learning algorithms.

In recent years AANL Cosmology and Astrophysics Center has participated in the LARES satellite program (Italian Space Agency, European Space Agency), within the framework of which a high-precision verification of the general theory of relativity was carried out, as well as a high-precision verification (Kennedy-Thorndike test) of the invariance of the speed of light at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble. The findings were publicized in international media and are currently presented in various encyclopedias.



Talks at XXII Solvay conference in physics, at International Astronomical Union conference (IAU, General Assembly), at Swiss Biennial on Science, at Technics + Aesthetic on "The Large, The Small and the Human Mind", at conference dedicated to Sakharov (Moscow), at conference "The Mathematics of CCC" by Clay Mathematics Institute and Oxford University, etc. Since 2019, two-day seminars dedicated to Sergey Matinyan have been organized every year at AANL.

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