RDP School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics

The RDP School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics will be held in Yerevan.  It is organized by  the Yerevan Physics Institute  and the  Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics within the Regional Doctoral Program on Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics, sponsored by Volkswagen Foundation.

The workshop will take place on 19-21 August, followed by the school on 22-24 August. The School on Mathematical Physics continues the tradition of the previous eight schools organized in Yerevan and Tbilisi within the Regional Training Network on Theoretical Physics and the Regional Doctoral Program on Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics.


  • RDP School and Workshop "Recent Advances in Fundamental Physics", 24 September –1 October, 2022, Tbilisi
  • RDP Seventh Autumn PhD School & Workshop: Frontiers of QCD, 23-28 September,2019, Tbilisi
  • JOINT FAR/ANSEF-ICTP and RDP-VW Summer School in Theoretical Physics, 2-7July, 2018, Yerevan,
  • Fifth Autumn School & Workshop: Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond, 25-30September, 2017, Tbilisi
  • Fourth Summer School on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory,20-23August, 2016, Yerevan
  • Third Autumn School & Workshop: Selected Topics in Theoretical High Energy Physics,21-27 September, 2015, Tbilisi
  • Second Autumn School: High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory, 6-10 October,2014, Yerevan
  • The First Autumn School & Workshop: Particle Phenomenology,23-28 September, 2013,Tbilisi
The Workshop on Mathematical Physics follows up the series of workshops on Supersymmetry in Integrable Systems initiated in 2010 and the related workshops organized within RDP program
  • RDP Online Workshop on Mathematical Physics, 5-6 December 2020
  • Geometry, Integrability, Supersymmetry, 22-27 August 2021, Yerevan
The current event join these two series of meetings, and will be focused mostly on the geometric aspects of field/string theories and the related integrable systems . The school program will include three 6-hour lecture courses. The workshop program will include about forty 30-minute talks.
There is no registration fee, the social expenses (coffee breaks, reception, school&workshop dinner) will be covered by organizers. Accommodation and travel expenses are expected to be covered by the participants. Organizers could help to arrange the accommodation under special reduced prizes. We have also the limited funds for covering the accommodation and travel expenses for the students and researchers from the regional countries. All participants are kindly invited to register until the deadline, June 30, 2023.
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