On May 16th, celebrated as Students and Youth Day, the exhibition themed "BanUGorts. YSU Expo-2023" took place where the Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory presented its scientific and educational programs.
The expo was dedicated to the 104th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan State University of Armenia.
The AANL scientists showed off the benefits of studying and working at AANL, at the same time trying to understand the current trends of the labor market.
The scientific experiments presented at the AANL pavilion evoked great interest among the expo visitors. The AANL scientists and students used scientific instruments to explain various fields of physics, from mechanics to optics.
The guests also had the opportunity to learn about the AANL master's and postgraduate programs. Similar expos serve as a good platform for establishing networking between scientists, students and the labor market. The Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory carries great responsibility while attending such expos.


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