Scientists of the AANL Experimental Department in International Projects

Armenian Public TV reported on the activities of the AANL Experimental Physics Division. Operating since 1967, the Division has 83 employees, 58 out of which are scientists (including 2 Doctors). Postgraduates and students are actively involved in research work of the Division.
The physicists of the Experimental Physics Division have recorded remarkable scientific achievements, which allow to deepen the understanding of basic properties of elementary particles and atomic nuclei. The scientific activity of the Division in the field of nuclear physics of low energies is carried out with the help of LUE-75 advanced linear accelerator. The scientific activity of the Division also includes research on low-energy nuclear physics by means of LUE-75 electron linear accelerator.
The research of rare nuclear processes carried out in the underground laboratory of the Avan salt mine (H.-235 m), as well as the development and creation of detectors intended for physical scientific experiments, have their unique place in the activities of the Experimental Physics Division. Here mechanisms of creating chitin/chitosan systems and their new modifications are also being developed.


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