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CERN ATLAS Collaboration (2020-2025)

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The AANL (former Yerevan Physics Institute (YerPhI)) is in ATLAS since the early days, signed as Institution the Technical Proposal in 1994.

AANL-ATLAS is involved since the beginning in many activities within the Tile Calorimeter, Software and Computing, and Technical Coordination. Main Activities:

 Physics analysis, Work on Tile Offline Software Studies of the down-drift of PMT response, High granularity PMTs studies for High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), Participation in bench and test beam studies, Electronics Assembly, installation (Auxiliary control boards consolidation, fLVPS, etc), Detector Control System, Databases, Design, Construction, Installation, and Operation. 

Specific hardware was fabricated at YerPhI: PMT shieldings, cutting/polishing robots for fiber bundles of the Tile calorimeter readout (used at CERN, US and Spain), and Disk shielding parts (42 t bronze as Common Project contribution). At Present, team contributes to the TileCal Upgrade Project for the HL-LHC by participating in Auxiliary control boards design, prototype, acceptance tests. 

Person in charge

Marukyan Hrachya, Sargsyan Laura


Prof. Marukyan Hrachya, Sargsyan Laura, Dr. Kotzinian Aram, Grigoryan Anna, Oganezov Robert, Oganezov Hovhannes



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