VI Մատինյանին նվիրված սեմինար

January 8 and 9, 2024

January 8

Chair Gurzadyan

10.00 Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan, Opening, reminiscences on Prof. SERGEI MATINYAN
10.30 Sedrakyan, S-matrix approach to plateau transitions in QHE. Harris criterion
11.00 Gurzadyan, Stepanian, Λ-gravity: current status and future prospects
11.30 T. Sedrakyan, Moat-band physics and emergent excitonic topological order in correlated electron-hole bilayers
12.00 Samsonyan, Gravitational wave mixing
12.30 break

Chair Sedrakyan

13.00 Margaryan, RF Timer: technique and applications
13.30 Saharian, The properties of the fermionic Fulling-Rindler vacuum
14.00 T. Hakobyan, Z_3 symmetry protected topological phases: edge states Hamiltonian
14.30 Galikyan, Neural network analysis of S-star dynamics: implications for modified gravity
15.00 Mirzoyan, Morphological galaxy classification based on Artificial Intelligence techniques

January 9

Chair Samsonyan

10.00 Saakian, The statistical physics of reinforcement learning
10.30 A. Hakobyan, Ejecta velocities of supernovae Ia
11.00 Karapetyan, Supernovae and galaxy dynamical features
11.30 Barkhudaryan, Diversity of supernova Ia progenitors
12.00 Amekhyan, Dark halo scaling and modified gravity
12.30 break

Chair Allahverdyan

13.00 Khlghatyan, Tidal disruption effects near black holes and Lambda-gravity
13.30 H. Gevorgyan Composite Pulses Technique in Quantum Computing
14.00 Bardakhchyan, Bargaining via the Weber-Fechner law
14.30 Mkrtchian, Quantum friction
15.00 Avetisyan, Inverse quantum optical scattering from moving dielectric
15.30 Hovhannisyan, Simpson's paradox and the common cause principle

Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan
Sci. secretaries: Samsonyan, Stepanian

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