IV Մատինյանի հիշատակին նվիրված սեմինար

January 8 and 10, 2022

January 8
Chair Gurzadyan
10.00 Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan, Opening, reminiscences on Prof. SERGEI MATINYAN
10.30 Sedrakyan, Deformation of a graphene sheet: Interaction of fermions with phonons
11.00 Gurzadyan, Stepanian, Cosmological constant and gedanken experiments with black hole horizons
11.30 Sahakian, Solving the advanced Evolution phenomenon
12.00 Saharian, Vacuum currents in branewords with compact dimensions
12.30 break

Chair Sedrakyan
13.00 Babujian, Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations in dynamical systems
13.30 Ioannisian, On the measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment
14.00 T. Hakobyan, S_3 symmetry protected topological paramagnets
14.30 Samsonyan, Cosmic void hyperbolicity vs redshift
15.00 Khachatryan, Neural network for gravitational lenses
15.30 Mirzoyan, Artificial Intelligence, astronomical data, autoencoders

Chair Samsonyan
10.00 Margaryan, Time, frequency and atomic clocks
10.30 A. Hakobyan, Supernovae and star formation deserts of spiral galaxies
11.00 Amekhyan, Tully-Fisher relation for superspirals and galaxy scalings
11.30 Khlghatyan, Black hole shadow to probe modified gravity
12.00 Matevosyan, Magnetic field in classical Brownian motion: beyond the Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem
12.30 break

Chair Allahverdyan
13.00 Topchyan, Geometry of Quantum Hall effect in Topological Insulators
13.30 Hovhannisyan: Reversible cooling of equilibrium state systems
14.00 V. Stepanyan: Short-range disorder and electrostatic interactions in polymers
14.30 Avetisyan: Inverse scattering with correlated light: a tool for quantum technologies

Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan
Sci. secretaries: Samsonyan, Stepanian

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