V Մատինյանի հիշատակին նվիրված սեմինար

January 9 and 10, 2023
January 9
Chair Gurzadyan
10.00 Gurzadyan, Natalie Matinyan, Sedrakyan, Opening, reminiscences on Prof. SERGEI MATINYAN
10.30 Sedrakyan, 3D Integrability:Integrable spin-plane model
11.00 Gurzadyan, Stepanian, Hubble tension and absolute constraints on the local Hubble parameter
11.30 T. Sedrakyan, Quantum chaos, superconductivity, and information scram-bling in disordered magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
12.00 Samsonyan, Gravitational waves as waveguides
12.30 break
Chair Sedrakyan
13.00 N. Ananikyan, L. Ananikyan, Papoyan, Logarithmic negativity and quantum magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic cluster models with spins 1 and 3/2
13.30 Saharian, The Casimir effect for branes intersecting the AdS boundary.
14.00 Babujian, Bjorken scattering and structure functions of 2D integrable asymptotically free models
14.30 Mirzoyan, Machine Learning algorithms and galaxy morphology
15.00 Ohanyan, Electric field induced flat bands in low-dimensional frustrated quantum spin models
15.30 T. Hakobyan, Dynamical symmetries of the generalized Calogero model
January 10
Chair Samsonyan
10.00 A. Hakobyan, Supernovae and morphological and dynamical properties of galaxies
10.30 Karapetyan, Constraining Type Ia supernovae via their distances from spiral arms
11.00 Barkhudaryan, Constraining Type Ia supernovae through their heights in edge-on galaxies
11.30 Amekhyan, Observational scalings testing modified gravity
12.00 Khlghatyan, The cosmological constant vs adiabatic invariance
12.30 break
Chair Allahverdyan
13.00 Topchyan, Z3 and (×Z3 )^3 symmetry protected topological paramagnets
13.30 V.Mkrtchian, Universal thermal radiation drag on neutral objects
14.00 Matevosyan, Active noise in polar gels
14.30 Bardakhchyan, Regret resolves decision theory paradoxes
15.00 V.Stepanyan, Defining energy density in quantum mechanics
15.30 Abrahamyan, Study of fission isomers at pulsed photon and proton beam using Radio Frequency Heavy Ion Timer (RF-HIT)
Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan
Sci. secretaries: Samsonyan, Stepanian
Previous seminars:
2019, I MATINYAN seminar
2020, II MATINYAN seminar
2021, MATINYAN Jubilee seminar
2022, IV MATINYAN seminar

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