III Մատինյանի հիշատակին նվիրված սեմինար

January 8 and 9, 2021


January 8


10.00 Opening, reminiscences on Prof. MATINYAN

10.30 Sedrakyan,  Non-critical strings: link to geometry of disorder

11.00 Gurzadyan, Kocharyan, Stepanian, N-body dynamics and modified gravity

11.30 Samsonyan, Cosmic voids and induced hyperbolicity

12.00 Sahakian, The concepts of reflection and complexity engine in the 

           complex systems

12.30 break

13.00 Babujian, Asymptotic factorization of n-particle SU(N) form-factors

13.30 Ioannisian, Armenian Neutrino group at the world's major experiments on

           neutrino oscillations: a critical view

14.00 Mirzoyan, Machine learning pipeline to galaxy morphology

14.30 Karakhanyan, The algebraic Bethe ansatz for the low dimensional 

           orthogonal and symplectic groups

15.00 Gevorkyan, Propagation of photons and electrons in inhomogeneous    systems with extended symmetry



January 9


10.00 Gurzadyan, Margaryan, Lunar landing ARTEMIS white paper

10.30 Khachatryan, Dark energy models vs Hubble diagram

11.00 Hakobyan, Supernovae and galaxy evolution

11.30 Amekhyan, Dark matter galactic halos

12.00 Khlghatyan, Modified gravity Lense-Thirring constraints


12.30 break


13.00 Topchyan, Geometry of random potentials:  Induction of 2D gravity in

           quantum Hall plateau transitions

13.30 Martirosyan, Maximum entropy competes with maximum likelihood
14.00 Matevosyan, Non-equilibrium, weak-field magnetism: a mechanism
           for magnetobiology
14.30 Babajanyan, Cooperation problem in fast oscillating environment


15.00 Sargsyan, Induced cosmological constant in brane models



Coordinators: Gurzadyan, Sedrakyan   

Sci. secretaries: Samsonyan, Stepanian




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Previous seminars:

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